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Éditions IH
10 C, rue Joseph Le Brix
56890 Saint-Ave

About us

We are a publishing house focusing on well-being, natural health and naturopathy. Some of our titles and series are dedicated to pass on the teachings of Hildegarde de Bingen. Hildegarde de Bingen was a German benedictine abbess who is now considered as the very first naturopath in Europe.

Our motto: The well being as the pages go by!

Our main series are:

  • Hildegarde pour tous [Hildegarde for all]: a series for all (even if you don’t know a thing about naturopathy) dealing with Hildegarde de Bingen, her work and especially her natural healing teachings.
  • Naturo-Zoom: a series of small books at small prices to know everything about a particular naturopathy subject in a blink of an eye!
  • 100 % Naturo: a series dealing with naturopathy for each and everyone (even if you don’t know a thing about naturopathy). With these books, you’ll know everything about a subject and its care with natural healing technics.
  • Les Experts [The Experts]: books dedicated to the health professional or people eager to learn about naturopathy, natural healing and other health subjects.
  • Les Grands Experts [The Great Experts]: books for professional eyes only! These books dealing with naturopathy, natural healing and other health subjects are for the pros’ and students’ eyes only.
  • … more to come soon!
We work hand in hand with Institut Hildegardien, a French Natural Health learning center. This partnership gives us a major strenght: an extended network including health professionals in all areas. Thanks to this network, we have established a review panel including physicians, naturopaths, psychologisyts, phramacologists, nutritionists, etc. All of our books are reviewed by at least a physician and a naturopath.
We also have a strong environmental policy: our books are in printed in France, closed to our office and storage locations. They are printed with green inks, on certified or recycled papers…
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